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Preview Image Right in VirtueMart Product List

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The ability to quickly find necessary product is important not only for clients who are looking for necessary thing at your store, but for online merchants owning that shop as well. Store owners should always keep an eye on their catalog and any changes happening to the products belonging to it. Thus, they have to regularly track quantity and see if all product details are actual. It denotes that products present in your online shop need to be quickly found and recognized.

Though, having massive databases with hundreds and thousands of entities, makes it difficult to quickly get to necessary item. Moreover, you need to look for the entity by its name or some other criteria (so you need to have good memory :).

In any case, store browsing requires patience, time and can be a real headache for merchants owning large stores.

What can ease the task? The ability to preview product right within the products list. You will hardly know each product by name, but small thumbnail can quickly refresh your memory.

Thumbnail Image in Product List

We understand the importance of having such functionality and have recently included it into Store Manager for VirtueMart (available in ver. and newer). From now on, you can see image of the product not only when moving along the products list (in the lower grid, tab ‘Images’), but right next to product in the list. VirtueMart Thumbnail image would be visible in column ‘Preview’, which you can enable for view here -

This way there is no need to open product to view it or each time type product name or other parameter to search it, double-checking if you have indicated everything right. Store Manager for VirtueMart allows to quickly recognize necessary item and further work on it, simply scrolling up and down the list.

Image Preview in Media Gallery

In case your images have already been added and you need them to be assigned to the corresponding products, there is no need for you to remember image name any more. When adding picture from the Media, next to available images will be shown its reduced version displayed. This way, you will be 100% sure that you are adding correct VirtueMart image to the corresponding product.

Showcase your products for the clients at the front-end and at the same time help yourself to find items easier, recognizing them by thumbnail “backstage”!

By Maria Kvasnytska

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