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5 Most Read 2013 Articles on VirtueMart

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2013 is coming to a close and traditionally it is high time to summarize what has been done during this year. It was really events rich year and we are deservedly proud of what we attained. eMagicOne team has found itself exploring ever improving VirtueMart system and, fuelled by modern VirtueMart commerce ideas, continues to develop progressive solutions for efficient e-shops running.

This year was abundant in new articles, posted at our official website that cover called-for and “hot” VirtueMart topics. Certainly, it is interesting to track what subjects were popular, so-called “dot coms” this year and what articles gained the most attention.

Below you will find the list of the most-viewed VirtueMart articles, we published this year. We took into consideration number of views and analyzed what topics stay actual despite country, VirtueMart users live in, assortment of products they sell or business size.

We invite you to look through the following snippets and if you are going to be curious enough, read the whole articles.

VirtueMart XML Import to Database Tips

VirtueMart import becomes more and more handy - now you can import .xml feeds to your store effortlessly. No more file converting, it is in the past. Append .xml data to VirtueMart at ease.

“VirtueMart import to database is inalienable element of efficient web store content management system. Bulk data upload allows to easily add abundance of new products, edit VirtueMart products in bulk, keep inventory under constant control and measurement, upload images and synchronize data with suppliers. VirtueMart import from .xml via Store Manager for VirtueMart application is another way to accomplish bulk VirtueMart products upload and keep store content relevant and actual for clientele.”

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What Are the Most Productive Ways of VirtueMart Product Updating?

How to keep abundance of VirtueMart products up-to-date all the time? What methods will be the most efficient and time-saving? The answers for these questions you will find in this article

“Master VirtueMart product management system leads to creation of global e-store, which can handle abundance of products and bring enormous profits to online merchants. Products and services disposed at e-store can be defined as a dynamic system, we can say they have so called “lifecycle”, what forces store owners to dig for productive and efficient VirtueMart product update methods.”

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Optimize Your VirtueMart Imagery: Upload Multiple Images in Bulk

You find adding VirtueMart images one-by-one ineffective and cumbersome process? Why not to resort to VirtueMart import of images and add them in bulk? Want to know how to arrange this procedure? Here you will find the tips

“You are selling online and need to present your products in the best possible way? Update your products with multiple VirtueMart images and you will see how they will benefit to overall store popularity. Naturally, you can add image to each product one-by-one. However, in case your database is big, it will be more convenient to try VirtueMart bulk upload of images.”

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How to Upload Data Automatically with Automated Product Import Addon

Making VirtueMart import mechanized you can get rid of a couple of organizational tasks and upload feeds automatically to VirtueMart. The advantages are evident: no need to stick to the screen each time import runs, it greatly favours cooperation with suppliers and helps you keep product catalog updates.

“VirtueMart data import takes prominent position among store content management instruments, as it’s the fastest and most productive way of store database updating and enriching. Definitely, it’s indispensable when VirtueMart goods variety is being constantly increased and business circle is expanded. Undoubtedly, VirtueMart store owners long for optimizing and enhancing VirtueMart import products tool functionality, what can be done by process automating. Just imagine the situation – you do not need to configure import settings each time and watch over VirtueMart data import course. Moreover, performing mechanized VirtueMart import to database, you lower the risk of data import mishaps occurring.”

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VirtueMart Custom Fields – the Way to Manage Your VirtueMart Attributes

Want to learn how to customize product catalog adding VirtueMart attributes to products? Create custom fields, add options to custom fields, assign them to corresponding items, as it is described in the article

“It is definitely a good idea to offer clients the ability to customize the purchase choosing available variations of the products or provide them some specific information on goods sold. In VirtueMart it is possible by means of adding VirtueMart custom fields, however, often they are also referred to as VirtueMart attributes (as in older versions of VirtueMart). No matter how actually this functionality is called, it adds some configurable criteria to the product, making it more customizable from clients’ side.”

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Researching and understanding what our clients are searching for has remained the main point for us. eMagicOne Team is grateful to all clients who cooperate with us, shared their stories and suggested us what they want to see in the software. We plan to work harder in the year to come to cover more topics and generally do everything to help you get information you need.

By Ira Svedovetska

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