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Discover All the Advantages of VirtueMart Search Functionality

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VirtueMart filter products and VirtueMart search functions are all about helping you organize, sort out and manage the products in much more approachable and friendly way. These operations are especially useful if you have great amount of entities listed at your webshop. Filtering combined with sorting for even more specific organization of product listings is much more convenient way if you use for the mentioned purpose Store Manager for VirtueMart 2.0.

With this helpful tool you can change order of your goods and sort them by different parameters like category, price, inventory, manufacturer in ascending, reversed or some special order.

This functionality contributes greatly to the possibility to quickly find the products you need to edit, review or update. This way you can improve search results, making them more relevant, without crawling throughout entire catalog.

Store Manager for VirtueMart has the system of built-in and custom filters. Lets see what search and filter possibilities you have managing your online store with this application:

Use Columns Headings

With the help of available rows, you can sort out the data in columns in ascending or descending order (for numeric data) or in alphabetical order (from A to Z or vice versa for rows with text).

Lets say, if you want to see which of your items are running low in stock, you can sort your products list by “In stock” option so that the product with the lowest quantity will be displayed at the top (or at the bottom).

You can create more complex selections from definite column, for example, select out the goods with the price more than $100 and less than $500. The variants of complex can be numerous: rules for more, less equal, bank value etc. This way you can create custom filters that match your request and perform VirtueMart filter products of more advanced level.

Sort Goods Using Ready-Made Filters

On products toolbar you will see filters included in the application by default. Using them you can separate out the following goods:

  • entities that belong to selected categories;
  • entire product list;
  • the goods that are not assigned to any categories.

Saved Search for Products

VirtueMart search option offers you not only the possibility to find the necessary goods, but also save your searches, that is especially useful in case you need to enter search queries rather often. Saving of your searches, produces faster results the next time you need to look up for the same entities, as the filter can be added to the list of built-in ones.

Store Manager for VirtueMart 2.0 makes VirtueMart search approachable and convenient thanks to instruments it is endowed with. While your competitors are still spending time getting through all the goods, trying to find the necessary one, you can make use of VirtueMart filter products and have updated content.

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By Maria Kvasnytska

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