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Demystifying VirtueMart Store Catalog Handling

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Competitive advantage of online business is that you may sell any kind of wares round the clock. At that your business performance greatly depends on web store catalog, to be more exact, on how your VirtueMart catalog functions and whether it meets clients' needs.

Notwithstanding what goods you are selling, there are three significant functions, you have to fulfil to build customer-oriented store catalog and attain exceeding sales rates in such a way:

1. Develop relevant store content - ensure fine-tuned VirtueMart categories and products management.

2. Create persuasive and appealing site imagery - use resilient mechanism of VirtueMart images handling.

3. Prefer advanced solution, that will help you out and enhance overall store administrating.

VirtueMart product management

Consider your store has immense number of versatile products. Your tasks are to arrange items into logical groups (categories), so that web visitors can easily find them; maintain actual inventory level - track product stock, define correct product price, set discounts at times; constantly proceed with product updating and so on.

Not infrequently you plan to expand product assortment - replenish web store “shelves” with market novelties and represent something new to your customers.

These are everyday procedures, that might grow into tedious and time-consuming activity, in case you haven’t efficient product management tool at your disposal.

Site imagery

VirtueMart images are indispensable part of your VirtueMart storefront. They serve as apt means for developing commercially appealing web store. Pictures define the way, VirtueMart wares are represented and function like incentives, inciting store visitors to make purchase and increase your turnovers.

Product images fulfil pre-sale interaction and should be arranged in a worthwhile manner. The foremost thing here is to correctly choose product images and effectively upload them to VirtueMart store database.

Store management tool

To handle your VirtueMart catalog at high standard level and ensure spotless product and images arranging you are supposed to use appropriate solution. Store Manager for VirtueMart desktop application hits the mark with its functional capabilities and makes store management far easier and approachable thanks to toolkit it comprises.

Wide array of simple operations, conveniently placed on product toolbar and context menu, make it possible to create, alter, delist VirtueMart items on the fly. You may use product filters and search functionality to cut time on product search and in an instant find product needed. Whenever you need to place some products to VirtueMart categories or change category, this or that product belongs to, use Assign Category functionality.

Mass Product Changer is meant for managing VirtueMart products en masse. Just select target items from VirtueMart product list, call Mass Product Changer tool and proceed with bulk product modifications.

One of the most convenient and workable mechanism of store content management is data import from the file. Store Manager for VirtueMart puts no restriction here. It’s possible to append files of different formats to store database via advanced product import wizard, updating or adding products in such a way. At times you need to provide information into database, but it is not always available in the file. No problem! Import wizard allows you to implement expressions and handle data right in the process of file transfer.

Concerning VirtueMart images, you can efficiently manage them via Media Files section - add, edit or remove product pictures, as well as upload local or remote images in the process of data appending with the import wizard tool.

Summing up, it must be said that Store Manager for VirtueMart ensures flexible and highly-effective catalog maintaining. Find detailed information on Store Manager -

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