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Your VirtueMart Store Is as Good as Its Imagery... Here Is the Way to Make It Really Good

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VirtueMart images

VirtueMart images are indispensable for creating appealing store content. It’s obvious that online store is as good as products disposed at it, correspondingly products are only as good as images, which refer to them. It follows from this, that you have to “serve” goods at your website in the best way possible.

Again and again you face the need of reliable VirtueMart image import tool to successfully upload images to VirtueMart store database. VirtueMart import images from csv simplifies and enhances the process of appending multiple images to VirtueMart store, what helps not drain time and efforts.

To turn VirtueMart image import into seamless and resultative operation, you should use Store Manager for VirtueMart software. This tool copes with upload of VirtueMart images placed remotely and those from external sources. Via this application you are free to upload images along with products or add photos to formerly disposed at web store items.

We can define three main stages of VirtueMart import images from csv, fulfilled with Store Manager application: planning, import setting up and data appending. At each step you have to proceed with certain actions. Here you can find helpful tips on successful VirtueMart images upload carrying out.

VirtueMart images

VirtueMart image import Planning

To upload images to store database you have to:

  • set up FTP connection in the application
  • check the file you are about to upload (whether it contains VirtueMart images names or URLs)
  • proceed with VirtueMart database backup

Setting up

Store Manager import wizard provides store owners with pointful tips throughout each and every step of data upload. The following aspects should be pointed out:

  • to specify proper delimiters for the file to be parsed in a suitable manner
  • to accurately link imported file columns to database fields
  • to tick “Upload images” box and specify default images path

VirtueMart images

Data Appending

You can look through the file you are uploading at “Preview import” stage of VirtueMart import images from csv and make sure that settings were made in a proper way. At the last step of info appending you can view the results.

Upload images to the store, draw customers’ attention and leave impression as it’s indispensable for creating fully-featured VirtueMart store. Perform VirtueMart images import efficiently with Store Manager for VirtueMart application -

By Ira Svedovetska

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