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Mass Product Changer Tool for Rapid Bulk VirtueMart Product Updates

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Your on-line shop is expanding speedily? Due to this up-tempo development you are stuck working days and nights, having to do VirtueMart edit product info, like VirtueMart update price procedure or fulfilling VirtueMart product quantity? Would you like to reduce it to a few clicks only? It is possible with Mass Product Changer tool that belongs to out-of-the box functionality of Store Manager for VirtueMart.

This advanced feature of Store Manager is designed to cover mass VirtueMart edit products procedure, making it absolutely clear-cut and hassle-free. Using it once, you won’t return to previous methods to doing updates, no matter if it is VirtueMart update price process or the task of renovating your VirtueMart product quantity. Just select the goods you would like to modify, call up “Mass Product Changer” option placed at the toolbar or right-click at any product and you will see the window where you will set values for definite fields.

As Mass Product Changer was opened, you would see that it consists of 2 tabs:

  • General information
  • Price

In General information tab you will see the fields available for bulk updates. In their turn, options are gathered into groups for convenient work. Here you can do VirtueMart edit of product data of the following type: general info, fields related to products status, including the ability to change VirtueMart product quantity, product meta information.

Price tab allows to carry out VirtueMart update price task. Here it is possible to set cost price, base price, final price, currency, tax level etc.

Generally, you can set the value for some field, increase it by some percent (numeric fields) or append some data. It is possible by means of Expressions.These useful formulas allow you make VirtueMart edit product data faster and according to your requirements. For instance, imagine that before the sales season you need to lower your prices by 15%. You select the products, run Mass Product Changer and in the field for price set this expression -


If you need to increase the price by 15%, the expression will be -


If you product went out of stock as was sold out, you can use appropriate expression to update VirtueMart product quantity.

Do not forget to tick “Update” checkbox in front of each field you would like to modify.

Mass Product Changer enhances regular VirtueMart edit product information possibilities by enabling store owners to do massive product updates within a few seconds, saving energy and efforts considerably. Stop doing modifications one-by-one and perform all the necessary changes immediately.

More on Mass Product Changer you can find here -

By Maria Kvasnytska

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