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Store Manager for VirtueMart: Biggest Achievements Reached in 2012

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The most memorable moments are usually the most valuable and the brightest ones. As 2012 is coming to an end, we would like to review all the head-shaking events that has happened to us this year.

What are the major milestones of this year?

  • The commercial release of Store Manager for VirtueMart with the support of v 2x.
  • The possibility to download the software via mini-installer program has been added.
  • For easier and faster connection to store database, Connection Wizard with 2 modes - Simple and Advanced has been implemented. Using both modes you can set either direct or bridge or HTTP tunnel connection in a few minutes.
  • Related products support has been implemented in Store Manager.
  • The ability to work with Coupons has been added.
  • The Automated Product Import Addon has been added to program. Now you can run import from CSV file according to schedule (weekly, daily, etc).
  • Possibility to copy\paste VirtueMart products has been added in this version of Store Manager. Now you can duplicate products with Store Manager in a few clicks.
  • eMail Templates section has been added to Store Manager. You can use Templates in case of order status changing (confirmation, order canceling) or Customer registration, newsletter. You can create and modify the templates.
  • Pagination on Products, Media, Shoppers and Orders forms has been added. Now you can easily move to the other pages and check information listed on them.
  • The ability to create special custom filters has been implemented. You can filter data by specially created search criteria.
  • Accounting softwares support has been added. Now you can work with QuickBooks and PeachTree (2009,2010,2011-2012,2013) in demo-mode as well as purchase full version of Addons.
  • eBay Export Addon and ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration Addon are available for purchase.
  • The ability to run scheduled Backup of store database has been added. Now you can do backup according to schedule: daily, weekly, monthly, or set any date you need.
  • Ability to assign products to categories by means of drag-and-drop technology has been added.
  • Import\Export feature has been added in this release of the program. Now you can export products to .csv file and import data to VirtueMart store via Store Manager.
  • New sections have been added, namely Orders (you can monitor Store orders), Shoppers, Shopper Group and Calculation Rules.
  • Multilanguage store support has been added to the program. Now you can add more info about store products in the tab of the program what is responsible for the desired.
  • Basic reports of Store Manager have been processed with ver.2.0.8 support. Invoice and Delivery slip have been implemented to the program.
  • Now you can export reports to different formats: TIFF, HTML, Excel, XML, RTF, BMP-image, JPEG-image, GIF-image, PDF file, CSV file, Open Document Spreadsheet, Open Document Text, text file, email.

These are just a few of the achievements and events that has happened to us this year. Each one is obviously a success. We will keep up working and continue striving for developing best solutions to move your business forward.

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